We’re an award winning design studio that connect people to place through inspiring architecture.

 We think differently, uncover opportunity and design for change.


Nex— is a an award winning studio of architects and designers based in central London.

Our name derives from nexus, meaning both a connection and a focal point. It refers to the connection between people and place we create through inspiring design, and our focus on collaboration as the way to transform shared visions into finely crafted spaces.

Current projects include new galleries and restaurants for the RAF Museum; a new restaurant building for the Cadogan Estate; a public pier for the Thames Clipper, and commercial and manufacturing for one of the world’s leading Motorsports teams.

With an emphasis on research and technical innovation, we uncover opportunity to enhance performance and make more efficient use of resources.

We believe in good communication and disciplined project management to ensure projects are realised within planned budgets and timelines.

Our work has received multiple awards in international competitions and been published internationally. We are RIBA Chartered Architects and Client Design Advisers.

The Team


We’re a progressive design studio and with our approach comes change. Our clients aren’t  afraid of this and know that inspired results come from new ways of seeing; they understand that real insight comes from challenging norms and they trust us to deliver.

Our clients come from a spectrum of industries and range from individuals to  organisations and  institutions. They share a common goal of seeking change for the better.  This is why collaboration is at the heart of Nex. We partner, learn, question and transform. Together, we take a shared vision and craft it into a tangible, inspired space.