Cadogan Estate

Cadogan Cafe

A bold identity and experience inspired by context, heritage and contemporary detail.

This visually distinctive destination arises from a strong site-specific historical context. Located on the Kings Road, Chelsea, the new Cadogan Cafe is defined by a spiralling wall that ties this contemporary creation with its prevalent past – the adjacent Grade 2 listed wall of the Duke of York Headquarters. Echoing the front facade of the Duke of York Headquarters, the new wall is cut in places to form a colonnade for sheltered external seating.

The dynamic Spiral Plan houses large glass panels, giving the building a great sense of transparency.

This glazing retracts into the basement making the whole ground floor an outdoor space during summer months.


The creation of an innovative public roof space links both the historical surroundings with a new, vibrant social space. The user is lifted into a planted area at the level of the tree canopy.

The roof terrace commands views of the square in every direction, leaving the user in a peaceful contemplative moment above the level of the city.

Cadogan Cafe
Cadogan Estate
Alan DempseyDaniel SilvaKeti CarapuliDavid EdwardsKwon JungJulian Raffetseder
Structures: AKTII Enviromental consultant: EM Technica Cost consultant: Equals Lighting: DHA Designs Landscape: Christopher Bradley-Hole Environmental Design: Eight Associates Planning: Gerald Eve Catering Consultant: Sefton Horn Winch