Private Client

Elmstone House

An exemplar for residential architecture in rural contexts. Designed to have minimal impact on the landscape, our commitment to enhancing context came to the fore.

Designed in collaboration with Jan Kaplicky of Future Systems, this single family house is sited on a Greenfield ridge overlooking the Kent weald. The house was granted planning permission under UK Planning Policy 7 on the basis that the project was of such exceptional design that it would be used as a regional and national exemplar for residential architecture in rural contexts.

A horizontal roof plane appears to hover over an undulating green landscape, ensuring the design enhances, rather than contrasts with, the landscape. The perimeter enclosure of gentle curving, super insulated glass allows both design and user to take advantage of the site’s stunning views.

Elmstone House
Private Client
December 2012
Headcorn, Kent
Alan Dempsey
Architectural Design: Jan Kaplicky Future Systems