Exception de Mixmind

Memory Clouds

Embodying an identity. Memory Cloud explores the relationship between brand ethos, storytelling and user experience.

Chosen by the the RIBA to represent emerging UK architects in China, this commision was a collaboration with renowned Chinese haute couture fashion label Exception de Mixmind. The Memory Clouds respond to different qualities of Exception’s fashion and design ethos. Three delicate interactive paper clouds animate the exterior and interior of their flagship store at Xintiandi in Shanghai.

As people approach the translucent forms they trigger low level sound recordings of Nature, Craft and the City. The installation opened in Shanghai Xintiandi in March 2014 before being moved to other stores in China.

Memory Clouds
Exception de Mixmind
March 2014
Shanghai, China
Alan DempseyKeti CarapuliAndreas Cesarini
Partnership Coordinator: RIBA Shanghai Consultant: Ercu Gorgul