Private Client

To & Fro Table

Facilitating greater communication. A sophisticated arrangement of material and structure, that is a response to user interactions.

The To+Fro Table is designed in response to communication and how we interact. Like the reciprocating back and forth of a good conversation, the table is made up of a field of delicate wooden fins that vary to-and-fro in relation to each other to form an intricate lattice. Varying in transparency, this design allows for full body communication.

As much a cultural design as functional furniture piece, the To+Fro Table actively enriches the atmosphere of its space through complex play of light and shadow. Assembled by skilled craftsmen, the table is made from solid walnut and an iron free glass. A unique concept merits a unique product and the table is customisable and is made to order.

To & Fro Table
Private Client
July 2010
Alan Dempsey
Engineering - Buro Happold Prototype Manufacture - Metropolitan Works Development Support - UK Technology Strategy Board