Gina Zacharias

Architectural Assistant

Gina joined Nex- in June 2019 as an architectural assistant, having graduated with a BA in Architecture from RV School of Architecture in Bangalore, India. Her final year thesis explored Bangalore’s informal sector of waste recycling as an architectural construct and was shortlisted amongst the top 10 thesis projects in her year.

With one and a half years’ experience working in practice in both India and the UAE, Gina has worked across a broad range of projects in the education sector and within roles in a sustainability consultancy, where she qualified as a LEED Certified Associate. Gina is currently working on Exeter College Library, a Grade II listed residential refurbishment and a new reception area in central London.

“Nex- to me is a deeply collaborative environment, which brings together a very diverse family, each with their own unique skillset, backstory and train of thought. The team has collectively taught me the ability to adapt and implement projects and ideas no matter how challenging it may seem, and motto of ‘making it happen’ shines through all aspects of our work in the studio. Being part of a team where anything seems possible and doable, Nex- inspires me to work ambitiously and push the boundaries of my skillset.”

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