Sam Lyons

Project Architect

Sam is an experienced and highly-creative architect and has been part of the Nex- team since November 2018. His role as project lead sees him work on numerous commercial and residential projects within the practice portfolio, including the refurbishment of Grade II listed building in London and the development of new reception area, with a special focus on biophilia.

He graduated from the University of Liverpool, before moving to Berlin where he studied at the renown Bauhaus school. Sam’s love for creativity and design centres around a project’s narrative, though he also enjoys experimenting with technical detailing to provide a beautiful end-product.

Alongside architecture, Sam is a talented illustrator, often applying his skills in practice and bringing projects to life on paper with his carefully detailed illustrations.

“As a lead designer, I love taking a client through their project and discovering their aspirations. There are always opportunities to provide inventive and fun solutions for each project, and everyone at Nex— offers a unique approach to design, promoting important debate and an exciting end-product. I am fascinated by how simplest interventions such as colour and texture can provide an uplifting experience for the public and can allow them to completely rethink the spaces they are in”.

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