Private Client

2|4 Apartment

Designed to offer dynamic flexibility for a fluid family life. This project was a responsive solution to the lifestyle requirements of a changing family.

This project involved the complete refurbishment and alteration of a penthouse apartment on a residential block in Kensington, London. Inspired by the everchanging scenarios of their family life, the concept uses screens to define the differing privacy and user requirements of occasional visits by grown children.

In its most intimate arrangement, bespoke wood and glass screens hide support functions such as kitchen services, utility, storage and guest spaces to create a comfortable two-bedroom apartment. At other times, when the extended family is in residence, a number of concealed doors open or slide to create a larger four-bedroom family home that factors in contemporary lifestyle and future needs of any modern family.

2|4 Apartment
Private Client
March 2014
London, UK
Alan DempseyKeti Carapuli
Structural Engineer: Elliot Wood Partnership Cost Consultant: Corrigan Gore