Architectural Association

DRL10 Pavilion

Offering both shelter and stage, the DRL10 Pavilion’s continuous curved form invites curiosity and urges occupation.

Both visually striking and functionally diverse, the pavilion is an ambiguous structure. An array of individually unique flat concrete and steel elements are digitally cut and assembled to create a singular curved form. User movement and city perspectives transform the structure from opaque to transparent, introducing and inviting movement within the space.

This experimental design research project was the winning entry to an international design competition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Design Research Lab at the Architectural Association. The design challenged limits of material and structural performance while inspiring both curators and city residents to use it intensively.

DRL10 Pavilion
Architectural Association
December 2008
London & Singapore
£250, 000
Alan Dempsey
Architectural Design: Alvin Huang Structural Engineering: Adams Kara Taylor Manufacturer: Rieder Beton