City of Elmshorn

Elmshorn Station Complex

A sustainable town, a sustainable future. This urban project reconnects circulatory routes with public spaces and amenity, creating a vibrant integrated community space.

The Elmshorn station complex comprises a new train and bus station, an integrated car parking structure and a multi-purpose community resource centre. The concept of a New European Urbanity was at the heart of the project, linking landscape, infrastructure and new city public spaces. A lightweight timber deck served as a fresh city park, created to support an array of community programmes.

The new urban space created by the elevated timber station roof, and the expansive station complex, act as a community cluster, a site for engagement and participation. The complex consists of a multi-purpose sports hall, outdoor running track and cinema, restaurants and cafes. Trees and green-scape populate the roof deck creating a complex that integrates local identity and a sustainable future.

Elmshorn Station Complex
City of Elmshorn
Elmshorn, Germany
Alan Dempsey
Lighting Design: DHA Designs Structural Engineering: Adams Kara Taylor