Established & Sons

Pelota 5 Exhibition

An intensity of material and occupation. The rawness of the design intended to contrast with the furniture’s refinement, creating a sense of discovery and delightful reward.

The installation was designed in collaboration with Established & Sons for their fifth show at the annual Milan Furniture Fair. The design makes use of thousands of randomly sized Tulipwood boards that were supplied by the American Hardwood Export Council. Individual boards have been woven on to structural panels to define routes and form a sequence of spaces that creates a compact sense of density.

The completed installation is a cityscape in micro scale. Vertiginous lanes, intimate enclosed spaces, vistas and corridors offer distant glimpses of furniture through overlapping layers of enclosure. Here, the furniture collection can only be discovered through exploration. After the show was dismantled, the tulipwood boards were recycled into a new furniture collection.

Pelota 5 Exhibition
Established & Sons
December 2009
Alan Dempsey
Fabrication: Messerli AG Design Collaboration: Established & Sons