Point Village

Point Square

A new city focus for artistic and cultural exploration. Point Square, located alongside the O2 arena in Dublin, is a space where music is played, listened to, debated and celebrated.

As a counterpoint to the other spaces in the city, the new square is conceived as a dynamic flowing landscape. A series of gentle ground undulations create a balance to the presence of the East stage by also placing focus on the people using the space at distributed centres of attraction for standing, sitting or playing an instrument. This landscape can accommodate a wide range of scenarios from large crowds for concerts to intimate gatherings, without the need for re-configuring furniture.

The space is enclosed on the other three sides by a latticework of transparent timber screens which also serve as the infrastructure containing and reflecting the lighting into the space. At night the lattice screens are up-lit with white light and the front face of the mounds are highlighted among a drifting field of in-ground LED way markers. Point Square is a participatory space that creatively contributes to the city’s civic urbanity.

Point Square
Point Village
December 2009
Dublin, Ireland
£2 million
Alan Dempsey
Structural Engineers - Adams Kara Taylor Cost Consultant - Equals Lighting Design - DHA Designs