British Land

Regents Place HexWall

A biophilic ribbon that caters to different tenants while offering an atmospheric space for social gathering and professional collaboration.

We were commissioned by British Land to reconfigure the reception of their flagship building at their Regents Place Campus. Prompted by a need to create separate entrances for different tenants, the project took the opportunity to create a more informal reception experience where people could meet, work and socialise.

Addressing the challenge of inserting a 48m long partition wall into the reception, we designed a ribbon of planting that weaves through the space, assisting with wayfinding and enhancing the reception atmosphere. Plant species were selected for their positive enhancement of indoor air quality.

Taking a cue from the faceted geometry and materials of the existing building, the new wall is made from digitally crafted oak and composed of extruded hexagonal cells. Cells are filled with either planting, display, or lighting and arranged along the wall in continuous threads to offer intuitive wayfinding through the reception.

New furniture and lighting is arranged throughout the reception to expand the use of the space throughout the day.

Regents Place HexWall
British Land
November 2020
Regents Place, London
Alan DempseyAyodele AkinolaJames FosterGina ZachariasJinGyeong Ryu
Architecture: Nex Interior Design: Nex Structural Engineer: Webb Yates Project Manager: Stace Landscape: Nex Services Engineer : CBRE