Liverpool Bienial, New Heartlands

Drift Pavilion

Like a piece of driftwood that can seed the creation of new waterside features, the project is designed to be peripatetic and flexible in its configuration depending on its specific location between Stanley dock and Millers Bridge.

Reinterpreting the once familiar canal barge, the project aims to break down the barrier created by the canal edge, and blur the distinction between land and water by allowing visitors and the local community to occupy both. The lightweight timber monocoque roof shells resonate with the industrial heritage of the area while providing for today’s community needs in a contemporary form.

In themselves, the floating barges are incomplete and require the specifics of each new location to determine their arrangement and overall performance. To become an effective catalyst for change, the barges operate within a larger design framework that identifies a number of sites along the canal and provides a coherent design pallet for revitalisation on a temporary or more permanent basis. As the availability of docking sites is subject to change, the landscaping proposals define a strategy rather than a given outcome with a material palette that creates patchworks of new programme over time.

Drift Pavilion
Liverpool Bienial, New Heartlands
Alan Dempsey
Structural Engineers: Adams Kara Taylor Cost consultants - Equals Environmental Design - ZEF Lighting - Pritchard Themis